Nombre Padre Madre Padre de la madre Año nac. Color Sexo
DC Newsgirlinhood Wimpys Slippers Ms Chexy Hollywood Buenonic Chex 2015 Hembra
DC Stepsonchocolate Steppin on Sparks Pay me Chocolate Chocolate Chic Olena 2015 Hembra
DC Gun´nslippinmodel Wimpys Slippers Look a Gun Colonel Smoking Gun ( Gunner ) 2015 Hembra
DC Sparkling Gun Steppin on Sparks Look a Gun Colonel Smoking Gun ( Gunner ) 2015 Hembra
DC Sparks of Gold Steppin on Sparks Golden Rules Commanders Nic 2015 Palomino Macho
DC Star on Slippers Wimpys Slippers My Custom Star Custom Crome 2015 Macho
DC Slippers Reward Wimpys Slippers Custom Reward Custom Crome 2015 Hembra
DC Holeyelectricwimp Wimpys Slippers Holeyelectricsparks Jacs Electric Spark 2015 Hembra
DC Dun n´Ruf Wimpys Slippers Dun it Ruf Lil Ruf Peppy 2015 Macho
DC My Peppyspark Steppin on Sparks Downtown Dixie Lil Ruf Peppy 2015 Macho
DC a Tuff Spark Steppin on Sparks Tuf Payin Chex Nu Chex to Cash 2015 Hembra
DC Slippinbeauty Wimpys Slippers Bonita Betty Shiners Lena Doc 2015 Hembra
DC Cover Girl Wimpys Slippers Lr Zampar Cover SM Zanpar Enterprise 2015 Hembra
DC Wimpyspook Wimpys Slippers Sisters Lil Spook Smart Spook 2015 Hembra
DC Boggie Slippers Wimpys Slippers Boggies Flashy Whiz Topsail Whiz 2015 Hembra
DC Golden Sparks Steppin on Sparks DC Golden dual Pep VENDIDO 2015 VENDIDO Hembra